28.08.2021 - 6.09.2021

Greetings from University of Engineering & Management, Jaipur And UEMJ ACM Student Chapter

Internet is the most influential medium to express ourselves and reach out to everyone in this digital world. With the use of websites and web applications, we can reach throughout the world to express ourselves, our ideas and also access unlimited information. Hence web design and development is an important skill for everyone who needs to present themselves on digital platforms. Here is an opportunity for you to ideate and develop efficient websites/web apps for a given problem statement. Their are three round Anyone can take part in this Hackathon.
Registration Fee: Nil
Registration Link: Click here to Register
Registration Link: Click here to Watch Github Video
Round 1: 28th August (whole day)
Round 2: 31th August (whole day)
Round 3: 3rd & 4th September (whole day)

Github Video Link


Create a Mobile Store webpage.

Task 1 :

Create a website for a product ( example: Smart Phone ). In this website, there will be 5 inter linked pages for home, about, contact, features and gallery. Every page should be mobile responsive.

Deadline: 29th August 2 PM IST (extended)
Result: 30th August Result: Result Of Round 1


A personal diary web application Add entries with a date and text Entries have a date Show more recent first Attach pictures Store them somewhere
OR A Timer (pomodoro) web application Enter a time Start timer Alert when the time is over This round will be for UI and functionality.

Deadline: 12 AM IST (Today)
Result: 2nd September (Published)


Create a blog engine (CMS) Firstly, user needs to register and then generate a unique login option ,after which user have to put their password and user name for login in the Account section. You have to mention 2 option one is public post and another is private post. In private section, the blog will be only visible to the registered user, whereas in the public section, the blog will be posted publically in Feed(This button should be in home page) section. In the Feed section other users can comment on blogs.


Design of home page should be attractive with proper UI
Deployment is not mandatory but those who will deploy will be getting extra points for deployment.
You need to explain every feature of the website with a proper presentation (ppt or pdf format) using the template.
You have to submit a video presentation with your video camera on while explaining every feature of the website.

Submission Link:

Click here to submit
Deadline: 12 PM IST (5th Sept)
Result: 6th September

E-Certificate will be sent to registered/attended participants.


    Guideline for events-

    Participants will be given a problem statement brief, 3 to 1 days prior to the event date. Participants need to solve the problem creatively within the given constraints. They are required to submit a presentation on their design. The jury will select the best design for the championship award based on the below criteria.

    ● Complete details should be mentioned in the registration form.

    Please read all the instruction carefully

    ● Your entry should be submitted before the submission deadline

    ● Projects made using readymade CMS platforms like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc. or readymade templates will not be acceptable

    ● You are required to submit a presentation of your solution to the problem statement with detailed design documentation, in PDF format only (ONLY FOR ROUND 3)

    ● The entry submitted must be an original idea for Design Championship, provide references to prove the same

    ● Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable to showcase a video of your workflow (Thought process). Submit such videos of less than 90-sec duration or a maximum 50MB in size

    ● If any copyrighted content is used, specifying credits are compulsory - Your entry should not violate any terms and conditions of copyright issues. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

    ● Publishing website via GitHub is mandatory (Video Link is provided).

    ● Marks Distribution:
    ↳ Design and Creativity (20%):
    ↳ Technical Quality (20%)
    ↳ Functionality and content(20%)
    ↳ Uniqueness and Innovation (20%)
    ↳ Accessibility and Overall experience (20%)

    E-Certificate will be sent to registered/attended participants
    For more details, Please visit us at http://acm-jaipur.uem.edu.in/web-battle.html